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Name:Rick Raducha
Title:Brand Manager & Sponsorship Director
Address:Florida Office 1610 Lehall Square North- Lakeland Florida 33108 Att: Rick Raducha
City:New Britain
Country:United States of America
Phone No:8607967223
Cell No:8607967223
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Rick Raducha
Providing businesses and corporations with limitless ideas to build their brand and increase sales

Richard (Rick) Raducha is the Brand Manager and Sponsorship Director at LinktoEXPERT.

Rick comes from a diverse background in Motorsports Marketing.

Rick has been involved in auto racing since 1975, after becoming a fan in 1967.

With his company Driver Connection he has worked with race teams, drivers and sponsors. His company 
primarily seeks to secure funding and Marketing Partners for drivers and teams.

Each team and driver usually compete within a
professional Series of auto racing, including INDYCar, NASCAR, ISMA and IMSA as well as SCCA.

Rick and his company also work with the Board of Directors that oversee two prominent Series within the Unites States.

Since 1989 he and his company has worked in Advertising Sponsorship Procurement, Driver & Team Development, Marketing and Promotional Enhancements.

At the regional level Driver Connection sponsorship's have totaled over $4 million.

Certification:         1987
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